YOLO: Getting the Most out of Your Life

Hikers on top of a mountain

Hikers on top of a mountainYou only live once, or YOLO is a very popular phrase nowadays. Perhaps this is because it advises us to make the most of our lives. It’s a good piece of advice, so why not heed it and strive to live our lives to the fullest?

Do challenging things

Your life will be more interesting and exciting if you constantly challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to try things that’ll push you to your limits. You can, for example, put your cycling skills and endurance to the test by participating in the Tour of Flanders Sportive, which allows amateurs to ride on the famous cobblestone cycling course in Belgium. Or you can take on the challenge of learning a foreign language, especially one that is completely different from your mother tongue.

Travel to different places

To make your life richer, travel to as many countries as you can. Doing so will let you see not only various places, but also experience different cultures and meet diverse people. A trip to Europe, for one, will allow you to marvel at the majestic centuries-old architecture. You can also go all the way to the East and visit Bhutan, a country that’s carbon negative, and interact—however briefly—with Buddhist monks.

Share your time

Finally, sharing some of your time will give more meaning to your life. Volunteer at orphanages, hospices, or nursing homes and bring happiness even if it’s only to a single person. You can participate in campaigns, such as tree-planting and coastal clean-up, to help save the environment as well. This way, you’re spending your time on something truly worthwhile because you’re making a difference in other people’s lives and the world in general.

We all only get to live one life, and it’s up to us, and only us, if we want to make the most of the one life we have.

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