What Were the Best-Selling Fruits and Vegetables in 2017?

Supermarket Brown Bag with Products

Supermarket Brown Bag with ProductsAmericans bought bananas and potatoes more than any other fruit and vegetable in 2017, according to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA).

If you’re looking for organic fruits and vegetables, many wholesale providers such as High Quality Organics now offer them at competitive prices. Despite the added cost, more people are willing to pay a premium if it means consuming them fresh from the farm.

Most Popular Produce

The PMA’s report showed that consumption of fresh produce rose compared to 2012. Based on the survey, bananas ranked as the top choice for 75% of shoppers while apples came close behind at 73%. Grapes, strawberries, and oranges completed the top five.

Despite being labeled as a fruit, the report listed tomatoes as the second most popular vegetable for 72% of respondents. Potatoes ranked on top among 76% of the surveyed consumers. Onions, carrots, and lettuce rounded the top five. Even if Americans’ appetites changed this year, retailers should expect more people to continue buying organic products.

Premium Purchase

Organic farming has been a buzzword in the agriculture sector for some time now, and this has stemmed from a growing awareness to observe a healthier lifestyle. Many supermarkets have cashed in on the organic food trend. Product sales in 2016 serve as proof for this. The Organic Trade Association said consumers bought $43 billion of organic products, including fruits and vegetables with almost 40% of sales.

While it only represented 5.3% of overall food sales, the market has been growing, thanks to an increasing consumer spending power. Some people are even willing to spend 20% more on organic groceries, so it’s not surprising that Amazon and other retailers are cashing in on this practice.

Retailers and supermarkets should take advantage of the increasing fervor for organic dietary habits, or risk losing business to their competitors. Where do you plan to source your supply of organic fruits and vegetables?

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