What to Do After Botox in North London?

Woman Getting Botox

Woman Getting BotoxBotox is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure that relaxes muscles in the face on a temporary basis so that they do not form fine lines. Many patients have Botox in London in order to rejuvenate the appearance of the face.

Getting any kind of beauty treatment, like Botox in London, should also involve an exchange of information. The practitioner will be hoping to gather data about the patient’s needs and some medical details. They will also tell them how the treatment will go and what to expect after a visit to a clinic, like Adams Dental.

What it feels like

Botox should not cause any difficult side effects. It is a safe and well-used treatment. Occasionally, someone can experience unexpected results, but a good practitioner will discuss what to look out for and how to respond to anything unusual when they first administer the treatment.

More commonly, someone might feel a slight numbness or a buzzing sensation under their skin. This should fade within a few days. If the sensation is disruptive, their practitioner can advise about pain-relief or alleviating option. Someone might also notice light bruising.

Wait for results to develop

Results are not instantaneous after a Botox treatment. They normally take 5-10 days to develop, and many people find this to be a plus when contemplating a facial aesthetics procedure like Botox.

Planning another treatment

The effects of Botox in North London are not permanent. The muscles will begin to work normally again and wrinkles will begin to form after a variable period of time. The exact time is hard to predict because it depends on individual healing abilities and the area of the face where the Botox is administered. The number of treatments that someone has had in the past can also have an effect as this treatment can become less effective if overused. All that being said, someone can expect to see results that last between six months and a year. Once they begin to notice that the effect is wearing off, they can allow things to return gradually to normal or they can book another appointment to have a follow-up treatment.

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