What Does Remortgaging a Home Entail

property transfer contract

property transfer contractThe process of remortgaging is quite stressful, but in the end, it will release some funds from your property that you need and can use for other important purposes.

If you are remortgaging for the first time and do not know what remortgaging entails, you need to understand the process and why you need to make remortgage comparisons of conveyancers.

Why Remortgage?

Different people remortgage for various reasons. Some remortgage because they want to get a favourable interest rate as their credit score has improved from the time they purchased their property.

For others, remortgaging is a way to access money from their property because the property has experienced an increase in its value.

The Remortgaging Process

Your conveyancer will ask for your mortgage deeds from the bank and will get your land title as if you are buying the property for the first time. You will not need to pay for conveyancing searches for the second time.

Nevertheless, you need to do a local search to identify new developments in the area and pay for indemnity insurance. You will then get a new mortgage deed from your conveyancer for you to sign.

You will then draft a request for the mortgage funds after confirming that there are no bankruptcy claims on the property and there are no entries on the property at the Land Registry.

After successful transfer of funds from your bank and debt clearing on the previous mortgage, your conveyancer will help you with the registration of the new mortgage.

Extra Costs in Remortgaging

Just like acquiring a new mortgage, you will need to pay stamp duties when remortgaging. The stamp duty is known as HMRC count mortgage debt, and the payable amount depends on the conditions around your remortgage and the current market price of your property.

Your conveyancer can give you a rough estimate of the amount of stamp duty you are likely to pay after property evaluation.

Your conveyancer plays a considerable role in determining how the remortgaging process will be for you. Making remortgage comparisons of different conveyancers will help you land the best deal.

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