Using Orthodontics to Fix Malocclusion and Disfigurement

Dentists with patientIn the past few decades, dentistry has shown marked improvements in preventive maintenance. With orthodontics, more people are benefitting from the dental appliances used to correct problems, such as malocclusions or irregularity of the teeth.
An experienced dentist who practices orthodontics in Indianapolis shares more information about this field of dentistry.

Extractions and Malocclusions

There has been a historical decrease in the number of extractions due to better hygiene and overall oral health. Lately, concerns about the medico legal implications have influenced orthodontists to extract fewer teeth. If possible, no extractions are committed. Instead, crowns, implants, and braces are used to correct the teeth imperfections.

Malocclusions pertain to the misalignment of the lower and upper teeth. The teeth protruding at a different angle, or the lower jawbone abnormally protruding forward might cause the misalignment. Genetic factors, as well as a cleft palate, can also be the culprit.


The most popular appliances are the pre-adjusted edgewise models. In today’s society, there is a big emphasis on having a complete set of straight white teeth. The use of appliances is an important part of orthodontics. It uses a support and elastic materials, which put pressure on the teeth pulling them together in place.
This process continues for months or years, depending on the extent of the malocclusion. The appliance or appliances used would also depend on the type or severity of malocclusion.

Orthodontics has become a large part of preventive dentistry. Even though it’s a long process and with undue pain such as headaches, it is justified if it leads to better health or an improved general appearance.

Due to the nature of the teeth, they can suffer from trauma and this could lead to periodontal disease and damage to supporting structures. Most orthodontic treatments are for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. The malocclusion can be the cause of facial disfigurement, which can lead to low self-esteem. Visiting an orthodontist is key to getting the right treatment for the problem.

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