Types of Canopy Cover Materials

Canopy cover in a wedding

Canopy cover in a weddingThere are two primary options for outdoor protection from adverse weather elements. These include awnings and canopies. Kensington Systems Ltd explains that canopies are freestanding, large portable shelters made of fabric strung over a frame with supporting posts. They are usually placed next to doors and windows. They are large enough to host various gatherings.

Schools are among the institutions that need canopies for the various events they host, which generally attract a lot of people. When choosing a school canopy, its cover material is one of the primary factors that determine its durability. Here are your available material options.


This is a plastic polymer that is generally woven into another material like canvas or nylon to enhance its strength. Polyester is durable, water-resistant, and inexpensive. The material is however not waterproof. Heavy rains or water pooling might cause eventual seeping in of water. It also has minimal UV resistance.


This was for a long time the primary option for canopy covers. Canvas is a woven cotton material that is often dyed into different colours and treated with products like paraffin that makes it waterproof.  The primary drawback of this material is that it might become waterlogged. This increases its weight and might destroy your canopy’s frame.


This material is typically used for semi-permanent canopies. Polyethylene is UV-resistant and undergoes various treatments to make it waterproof. It is best suited for canopies that are going to be left standing for some time since frequently taking down polyethylene increases its rate of wear.

The given materials coupled with the right frames will guarantee a durable canopy for a broad range of events. Some people might opt for awnings, but canopies are more flexible and can be set up practically anywhere in your place. They are hence without a doubt the best choice for outdoor shade.

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