The Growing Dangers of Bed Bugs

A bed bug shadow looming over a white bed

A bed bug shadow looming over a white bedBed bugs have always been seen as a major irritant — something to be dealt with, but never life-threatening. However, a study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine proves that bed bugs are transmitters of a deadly disease.

Hidden Dangers in Your Own Bedroom

Bed bugs can easily go unnoticed for years, feeding on your family without their knowledge. If you see signs of bed bug infestation — the best option is to immediately contact a professional extermination service and get heat treatment. Bed bug bites are irritating and symptoms can range from mild itchiness to severe inflammation. Chronic exposure to these pests can lead to a greater risk of infection, sleep deprivation, as well as a host of other conditions. However, what is most alarming is that bed bugs have been proven to be capable of transmitting Chagas disease.

Affecting Millions

Chagas disease is caused by the parasite called Trypanosoma Cruzi. The CDC estimates that more than 8 million people are affected by this disease. The majority of people affected by Chagas disease mostly reside in Mexico, Central America and South America, but there is an estimated 300,000 cases in the US. Chagas disease leads to serious heart and gastrointestinal disease and has been known to kill close to 50,000 people a year.

What to Look Out For

Bed bug bites leave trace amounts of blood on your pillows of sheets. If the infestation has been going on for a while, you might also notice a coriander-like odor or find discarded bed bug shells left after they have molted. You might also find dark and rusty spots caused by the blood-rich feces of bed bugs on your bed, nearby furniture or clothing. Once you see these signs in your house immediately call professional pest control services.

A bed bug infestation is a serious problem and dealing with the problem on your own can prove to be a futile undertaking. The most effective way to eliminate bed bugs is by means of bed bug extermination heat treatment. Many bed bug extermination companies, such as Custom Bed Bug, use eco-friendly methods to eliminate bed bugs.

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