The 3 Key Services in Family Medicine

Doctor talking to Mom & daughterIt’s common to find clinics that specialize only in primary and surgery care, as well as some specialty medicine. But, as you will agree with Revere Health and other professionals, that is not all that family medicine entails. Some particular services are critical here, which only the most reputable and reliable clinics offer. These include:

Dispensing Medications

You must have found it an inconvenience when after your physician gives a prescription, you have to leave and search for the medications elsewhere. Ideally, you will even be adherent to your treatment if you walk out of your physician’s office with the medicine in hand.

Is that allowable? Yes. The American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics allows medical practitioners to dispense drugs in their clinics provided if it works to the benefit of their patients.

Physical Therapy

Patient recovery takes place in varying phases depending on the ailment. If you’re suffering from sports injuries, osteoporosis, and joint pain, primary care alone will not help as much without including physical therapy. Instead of going through the trouble of searching for a physical therapy center, would you not prefer the same clinic that diagnosed and treated you to offer you this program still in-house?

Urgent Care

Although this service is a significant undertaking for clinics, it complements the primary care services that you receive. In some instances, having an appointment with your physician is not necessary. Examples here include coughs, fever, rashes, lacerations, back pain, and other minor injuries and ailments.

If the family clinic you visit can dispense medications and offer physical therapy and urgent care, you will save the time you would have otherwise spent waiting to get an appointment. Other services to check include diabetes counseling, lab testing, and X-ray services.

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