Sagging Breasts: Why it Happens and How to Avoid It

a woman with a healthy breastAlthough possible, it’s not easy to keep the breasts in their perfect form. At any moment in a woman’s life, the breasts may change in size and — unfortunately — sag. If you are curious why the breasts sag over time, then this guide is a perfect read:

What are the breasts made of?

Unlike most parts of the body, your breasts do not have their own muscles that hold them together. Breasts are made of sections of glandular tissues (milk ducts), a ligament, and fat. How much fat is in the breasts determine their size.

Why breasts sag?

Breastfeeding has never been one of the causes of sagged breasts. Breasts droop due to other factors like aging. As you age, the tissues and glands in the breasts lose elasticity. Other known reasons are the changes in hormones and weight, and habits like smoking and doing vigorous activities without proper breast support.

What can be done to avoid sagged breasts?

To prevent the breasts from sagging, you must:

  • Quit smoking. Smoking lowers elastin levels in the breasts which in turn decreases skin’s elasticity.
  • Do not engage in vigorous activities with no proper breast support. If you have to run or jog, then make sure to wear a right fitting sports bra.
  • Work on your pectoral muscles, the muscles between your breasts and rib cage. Do pushup reps or other exercises that build muscles in the chest area.

How can you avoid sagged breasts?

You cannot entirely avoid sagging breasts. Pregnancy also can make the breasts droop, as the body goes through great weight and hormone changes during this time and after. To make the breasts look fuller, though, a breast lift procedure may be considered.

Breast lift procedures in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah can restore the shape, size, contour, and elevation of the breasts to make them look naturally fuller. A cosmetic surgeon can determine if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Aging, weight changes, and certain practices cause the breasts to sag. You should not worry because this is perfectly normal and almost unavoidable. Also, a breast lift procedure may be considered if you want to regain your breasts’ youthful appearance.

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