Quick Swaps for a Modern Industrial Office Space

Office Space Furniture

Office Space Furniture Whether you’re taking over an office space decorated traditionally with wood and neutral colors that don’t appeal to you or you want to update your office space with a modern industrial design aesthetic to attract a younger clientele, here are a few quick ways to make a hip and trendy transformation without a major renovation, saving you and your company time and resources.

Start with Furniture

Evaluate all the office furniture like tables, chairs, and filing drawers on site, and select those that you feel fit the modern industrial design look. Purchase an industrial desk for sale online and office chairs clad in black leather to accentuate the modern look. Replace pantry equipment like fridge, coffee makers, and ovens with stainless steel variants to tie in with the look.

Refurbish Wood Paneling and Cabinetry

No need to throw out other existing traditional wooden fixtures like panels and cabinets. You can refurbish these fixtures and marry them in with the industrial design. Sand down the wood to remove the old paint and varnish to reveal a more aged look that has much more character. If the shade of the wood doesn’t match your overall look and theme, use a simple staining process to match the shade.

Update Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

Replace all the desk lamps and banker’s lamps with modern looking lamps in stainless steel or jet black. Update ceiling lights by using industrial style drop lamps in varying cluster grouping and lengths throughout the office space. You can select those with stainless steel, jet black or even copper finishes depending on what ties in with your theme. Don’t forget to repaint the ceiling to remove traces of the old lighting fixtures.

With these quick swaps and refreshing strategies, you can have a trendy and hip new office space that can represent your forward-thinking business.

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