Plants With a Purpose: 6 Useful Trees Today

Hands Hugging a Tree Trunk

Hands Hugging a Tree TrunkDogs are man’s best friend, and so are trees. Who says you cannot have two? After all, plants like trees do provide people with lots of products. People can use their wood for carpentry, their leaves for medicine and their fruits for food.

This is why people initiate efforts to curb deforestation by planting types of trees often cut down. This gave rise to the popularity of private forest operators such as Here are the trees and plants commonly reforested due to their popular use.

1. Christmas Trees

Every year, people cut down multitudes of trees – especially the Fir type – for use as Christmas trees. Neighbourhoods and retailers across the US, Canada or any country that celebrates the holiday usually have these trees.

2. Acacia Mangium

As a durable hardwood, people use this type of tree for by the energy industry as a heating fuel. We also turn these into timber for constructing homes and other structures.

3. Black Truffle

Black truffles are sought-after by chefs and homemakers due to their flavour and aroma. Black truffles are made into products like dried truffles, truffle oil, and truffle salt.

4. Green Coconut

Coconuts are the trees that arguably have the most uses. The liquid inside young green coconuts is made into “coconut water” beverages. People use coconut meat for cooking and baking while turning coconut shells into charcoal.

Even the coconut leaves have use, mostly in building huts in some tropical countries.

5. Canadian Poplar

This tree grows in cold regions like Canada and is popular as fast-growing and high-yield tree species. This means they grow fast and grow a lot, making them usable as raw materials for various purposes.

6. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus trees are highly resistant to diseases and pests. This makes them better than they already are, considering that manufacturers already use them in making paper, charcoal, oil or timber.

In summary, trees have helped humankind just as much as dogs have, or even more than. Every part of a tree has a purpose, which makes them in-demand as raw materials for products like food, timber or fuel. Without trees, we would not be enjoying the products we have today.

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