Make Your Performance Unforgettable

Musician playing the drumsWhen it comes to giving an audience the performance of the year, the bar is set very high. It’s quite likely that you have seen spectacular shows before, so you’ll need to do something special to deliver a performance they’ll keep talking about for years. Here are some ways you can make your performance unforgettable.

Use Lighting Creatively

Besides fantastic sound, good lighting plays a huge role in making a scene work. Creative lighting combined with sound could make an impression on your audience. For phenomenal sound and stage lighting, hire a reputable specialist and work closely with them to achieve the intended result.

 Build Suspense

Your first and last songs are the most important in your setlist. These are often the songs your audience will remember the most. Set the mood and hook them from the beginning. Use a smoke machine, atmospheric lighting and spotlights to tell s story and create a moodscape.

Allow Space for Movement

The audience wants to see movement during a performance. Use all areas of the stage for a compelling performance and to move your audience. Try to cover all the areas of the stage and reach more of your audience. Use choreography to tell a story and move the audience.

Move Your Audience

It is one thing to keep your audience entertained, but you also need to involve them in your performance. Involve them not only in song and dance but through stage design and lighting.

Props and moveable stage sets can enhance any performance. The addition of entrancing music and lights would only improve any setting.

Ultimately, all performers need to give their audiences a performance they will never forget. Use everything that’s available to entertain and move people.

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