Life Change: Making Immigrating Easier for Your Family

Immigration formSo you and your spouse have finally made the life-altering decision to have the entire family join you in the U.S. And you’ve even already filed the petition for a family green card in Utah, so your young family can be with you the soonest. While waiting, use your time to help make your family’s impending transition go more smoothly.

Prepare the house

Because you’ve been living on your own, chances are your current home won’t be able to accommodate your whole family. If you live in studio-type or one-bedroom quarters, consider moving into a more spacious one. Of course, you’ll also have to get furniture like additional beds and a bigger dining table. When choosing your next home, take into account several factors, such as the housing cost as you’ll soon be budgeting for more than one and proximity to schools for your kids.

Look for a school

If you have school-age children, look for the educational institutions that will help your kids adjust more easily. You should check out schools in your area and ask about the requirements for students coming from foreign academic institutions while at it. If you have very young children, start looking for a daycare center as well, especially if your spouse plans on working soon after arriving.

Plan some activities

Most likely, your family will be overwhelmed and even anxious when they arrive. Try to take their minds off the drastic change in their lives by planning some activities for them. Throw them a party and have them meet your friends. You can also give them a tour and introduce them to your favorite hangouts. Catching up on some bonding time at home is a great idea as well. The important thing is they have fun.

Moving to another country is a life-altering experience, so do whatever you can to make this transition easier for your family.

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