Important Reminders in Case You Get Involved in a Road Accident

Car crash accident

Car crash accidentA road accident can be a traumatizing experience for anyone. While the initial reaction for most people is to panic or get anxious, you need to remind yourself or anyone at the scene to stay calm as much as possible.

The Law Office of Paul R. Bennett cites some important reminders in case you get involved in a car accident:

Check Everyone’s Safety

Focus on everyone’s safety. Seek medical help if needed. In case someone is unconscious, do not attempt to move them unless you have a medical background. This is to make sure you’re not causing more injuries.

Call or Wait for the Authorities

Even if you think there are no casualties, you still have obligations to stay at the scene. Wait for the authorities to arrive and finish their police report. You can only leave the premises when you get cleared by the responding officer. In addition, you can also ask for a copy of the police report in case you need to use it for any legal action.

Collect Information at the Scene

Exchange contact information with the other party. Get the driver’s name, license number, vehicle’s plate number, and insurance policy number. Taking photographs of the scene from different angles is also ideal. Include any traffic sign or road obstructions if necessary. In case the other driver doesn’t show any proof of insurance, make sure you have witnesses around and get their information. This is important in claiming compensation for property damages.

Contact Your Legal Counsel

The general rule of the thumb in case of car accidents is to never admit anything to anyone. You shouldn’t be blaming others, as well. During the investigation, the authorities may ask you some questions. If you’re uncertain about what happened, consult your legal counsel to help you with your statements. In case you get hurt from the accident, find a seasoned personal injury attorney who can represent you and protect your rights.

Following these pointers can point you to the right direction. Again, keep calm and drive safely.

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