Implement these Promotional Marketing Strategies for More Sales

a strategic marketing meetingDo you want to gain an edge over your competitors? One of the ways to achieve that is to diversify your promotional and marketing endeavours. A diverse approach enables you to reach a wider audience and broaden your appeal.

Experts in the field of advertising cite the following techniques to boost sales:

Customised Promotional Products

Experts on creative promotional merchandise agree that customisation is the way to go when it comes to product give-aways. If you put the name of the customer on a mug or pen, you immediately make a personal connection with them. Give shirts or other items with your brand colours and logo to improve recall and awareness. When choosing a product as give-aways, select one that a person might use regularly; being a part of their daily lives make you easy to recommend and remember.

Incentive Programs

Create buzz around your business by providing customers with an incentive program. This can come in the form of exclusive deals and discounts, or two for one special they access through memberships or newsletters. Provide incentives for any recommendations through the network of your customers. This gives them a reason to refer you whenever someone asks about a product or service.


This is an old promotional strategy that still works; launching contests create publicity and pique the interest of potential customers. You have a number of platforms to choose from to initiate this approach. Use social media such as page likes, re-tweets, re-posts, upload content with your hashtags and twitter follows are some of the ways to ask people to join. You can also provide people who buy your products with raffle tickets for the contest.

Point-of-Sale Promotion

This approach focuses on moving new products quickly. Many companies place their items near the cashier to capitalise on impulse buying that some customer may do. Make the item easily accessible and distinguishable to increase the possibility of making a sale.

These are some of the promotional marketing strategies you can implement to boost sales and attract more customers. There are tried and tested techniques that many companies have used and are still using because of their effectiveness.

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