How U.S. Manufacturers Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Attacks

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Digital padlock The U.S. manufacturing industry has become an easy target for cybercriminals due to the lack of appropriate IT security.

For instance, a data breach is just one of the many risks involved in the sector. Based on a Kaspersky Labs report, manufacturers were the most vulnerable to cyberattacks during the first half of 2017. A robust API can help prevent data breaches easily.

Intellectual Property

Recent cyberattacks no longer just focus on obtaining money from hacking into computers. Manufacturing companies must know how to protect their intellectual property, as hackers have turned their attention beyond the defense and financial industries.

An example of an intellectual property crime involves stealing information to copy a successful product or have leverage in business negotiations and trade. National Intelligence Director, Daniel Coats, said that a cyberattack that happened in Saudi Arabia and Ukraine in 2017 may also occur in the U.S. if the public and private sector fail to invest more in cybersecurity.

How Companies Can Act

An efficient cybersecurity strategy should include investments in OT and IT security, as both are important in maintaining uninterrupted production and logistics operations. The U.S. NIST cybersecurity framework for manufacturing could serve as your guide for implementing your own security protocols.

Since the manufacturing industry has a limited source for cybersecurity talents, it is, therefore, necessary to rely more on automated and artificial intelligence technologies. This makes more sense for smaller companies that are unable to afford a team of IT experts. Many third-party companies now offer a different suite of services for such enterprises, so it all depends on your budget to find the right solutions.

The advancement of technology has helped businesses in the manufacturing industry improve their operations, although progress always carries some form of risk. It is always ideal to protect your company against a data breach.

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