How to Get the Wedding Video of Your Dreams

Wedding videographer instructing the bride

Wedding videographer instructing the brideThere’s more to capturing your wedding day’s memory on film than just setting up the camera and shooting. There’s the videographer and the style and mood you want among many other details. To ensure that you get the wedding video you would be proud to share with your friends and family, below are some tips:

Get the Right Videographer

Watch the finished wedding videos of your shortlisted videographers and take note of those that speak to you the most — including the mood, light, and colors. Once you’ve chosen the videographer you want, give them your notes and the guests and elements in your wedding that you want to prioritize.

Be Practical About the Run Time

People nowadays want the highlights and you probably will too, so go for quality moments. Tell your videographer to focus on precious moments that evoke the atmosphere and emotion of your day — clasped hands, your reactions upon meeting each other on the aisle, guest reactions, and the sweet moments before and after saying “I Do.”

Don’t Forget the Dialogue

The audio, original or otherwise, could make or break your wedding video. Decide early on and tell your videographer about the moments where you want the audio to be heard or muted. It’s easier to work with videographers who have their own video production and editing business in Denver (if this is where you live). This is because (if they allow) you can peek at the draft and ask for changes or additions.

The Effects

If you want that ‘80s movie feel or ‘60s beach video vibe, your videographer could do that during post-production with computers. Decide on the vibe you want your wedding video to have and don’t forget to tell your videographer about it.

Make Sure That Your Videographer and Photographers Coordinate with Each Other

Have your photographers and videographers meet with each other before your big day. This way, they could feel each other out and formulate a game plan for your big day that would work for all of them.

Get Your Wedding Video in Various Formats

A majority of couples want HD and only request for HD. If you plan on sharing it on social media or e-mail, however, request that your videographer save your video in multiple formats. For instance, you might want to request small file sizes for sending through e-mail, watching on your tablet or smartphone, or posting on social media.

Lastly, don’t micromanage your videographer on your wedding day. Remember that you’re hiring them for their talent and experience, so trust they’ll do their jobs and capture your day the way you want them to. Enjoy the day because after all, you’ll only experience your wedding once.

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