Get Your Basement Prepped for Home Viewing with These Ideas

Interior of empty basement

Interior of empty basementAre you planning to move out and sell your Indianapolis home? If you want to squeeze as much money as you can from the property, you may have to remodel. It not only makes your home enticing, but it also adds resale value.

One of the underrated parts of the home that you can update is the basement. Usually, homeowners focus on the living room and the kitchen. It turns out basements can give you 75 cents per dollar of the cost. Moreover, it is one of the requested renovations of home buyers.

To make sure your basement is ready for a house viewing, take note of these three ideas:

Waterproof It

Basements can have a host of problems. These can range from molds to flooding. If you let the risks linger for a long time, the repair can be costly. It can also affect the appraisal of your house.

One of the ways to avoid these issues is to do a basement waterproofing in Indianapolis. It allows you to deal with the cause. In the process, you can avoid leaks and floods, as well as high humidity and excessive moisture.

Refer to the Building Code

The local building code is a treasure trove of information on how to design the basement. For example, whether you want to add a room or not, you need to have exit access. It is an egress window with a minimum width of 20 inches. It should not be more than 44 inches higher than the floor. Walls, on the other hand, should be from pressure-treated wood. Smoke detectors must be near the stairs.

Add Some Light

Adding some good lights in the basement doesn’t cost a lot of money. But it changes the space for the better. It throws away the common words associated with basements. These include musty, dreary, dark, and gloomy.

It also lets your future home buyers see the vastness of space. In turn, you can help them be creative in figuring out the potential of your basement.

Remodeling a basement takes about a month. Depending on how much you need to change, you may require money. Give yourself ample time to prepare for both. You want to do it right the first time to sell your home fast.

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