Fillings or Caps: Fixing Damaged Milk Teeth in Kids

Kid Patient with a Dentist

Kid Patient with a DentistPediatric dentistry services are a growing need for children. Poor hygiene and oral practices in children could lead to more bad teeth later on in life. A kids’ dentist in Louisville is in the best position to assist both parents and their children in developing healthy and great-looking teeth.

Eroded Molars

One of the most pressing needs of parents when it comes to their kids’ teeth is the need for caps. There are instances when caries damage milk teeth. It can also happen that food and milk damage the teeth. When a baby is not properly weaned from drinking from the bottle, there is a dependence on milk. This is not a bad thing, but it also happens that the child gets to sleep while drinking milk and without brushing teeth.

Drinking milk and failing to brush the teeth before sleeping can erode the milk teeth, from the front incisors to the molars. This is not a big concern with regards the front teeth, but it can be a disaster for the molars. At the age of 6 or 7, the front teeth fall off and are replaced by permanent teeth. Permanent molars start growing when the child is around 12 or 13. If the milk teeth were damaged, children would have problems in nutrition due to the bad teeth. To remedy this situation, doctors recommend a cap for the damaged molar.

Filling or Stainless Steel Cap

To help the damaged teeth, the doctor can use either fillings on the molars or stainless steel crown. Fillings are used if the molar’s integrity is intact. That is, the crown still retains its shape. The filling is applied to the inner cavities and allowed to set. If the molar has eroded too far, there is no choice but to use a cap.

When filling the crown, or fitting a cap, it is important that the child’s mouth is held open and not moving. If the child salivates, this may hinder the binding agent of the crown, and it may come off easily. Salivating is also detrimental to fillings, as these need some drying and setting time.

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