Effective Ways to Market Your Veterinary Clinic

Vet doctor with a huskie in the backgroundYou’ve probably seen advertising posters stuck up the back of a bathroom door or a business logo on a to-go coffee cup. But, would similar tactics work for a veterinary clinic? While an ad on a coffee cup might get someone to check out a car garage shop, the decision to try out a new veterinary clinic is a huge proposition. With the use of promotional products for veterinary clinics, you could use some effective ways to bring in new clients and patients.

First Check-up is Free

With pet businesses, it’s always easier to get current clients to walk through your door more than it is to get new customers to visit your clinic. You would want to attract first-time pet owners to visit your clinic. Offering a free check-up is an attractive proposition. When performing a physical examination on your pet, do it in the presence of the client and showcase your skills, your equipment, and professionalism. This will increase the chances of customers coming back.

Advertise Local

The outdoor business sign should capture any client’s attention immediately. Both indoors and outdoors branding should be visible to customers. Like with any other business, your customers will appreciate veterinary giveaways. Inscribing your logo on promotional products for veterinarians and giving them to your customers will be a good marketing strategy. When you do marketing locally, make sure you optimize your website for local searches.

Create Infographic for Pet Needs

Infographics are popular for their visual and text content. Develop an infographic that details a pet’s needs at different ages, and it will give you a competitive edge. An infographic gives potential customers what you know in the veterinary field before they can trust you with their pet’s health. Infographics do well with high interaction rates so post them on your social media platforms and your website.

Even as you implement these strategies, keep in mind to consider pricing, location and hours as you promote your veterinary clinic to make it successful.

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