Dream Team: How to Instill Team Culture in Shared Office Spaces

A shared office space

A shared office spaceMore start-ups in Florida are flocking to co-working spaces because of its monetary rewards. With expensive rent and need for a place to work out of the way, start-up founders are able to focus more on another big priority: human resources. In a shared office space setting, how does one instill the idea of a team? How do you create team culture in a co-working space?

Keep an open communication

It is not enough to just be physically accessible when working in a shared office space like You have to be digitally accessible as well. Invest in platforms that would answer your employees’ requirements. Have business collaboration tools or software that would allow you to share and store files, such as customer and supplier databases. It is also good to have discussion boards so workers can pitch in and engage with ideas.

Participate as a team

Different types of events are often organized in a shared office space; Fort Lauderdale communities organize workshops, conferences, and even trivia quiz shows. Take part in these activities as a team. When you put yourself out there as a group, you are not just making a statement to people outside your team, but you are also boosting the confidence and morale of your own team.

Reach out to others

One of the benefits of co-working spaces is you get to reach out to other talents outside your group. Maximize that as it will not just make work more efficient and bearable, but it will also train your employees to develop that mindset of doing things with others. Remember that the goal is to make collaboration a default perspective.

Shared office spaces can bring out the best in your employees. Keep in mind that managing your team is more than giving them a physical space conducive for teamwork. You also have to do the hard work in instilling the value of collaboration within them.

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