Crystal-Clear Purpose: The Practical Uses Of Glass Today

Glass being cutDid you know that you make glass by heating sand until it liquefies? It’s a material that’s been in use since Ancient Roman times because of its versatility. People use it for a lot of things, such as a tool for drinking, a container for food, and the like.

Here’s an in-depth look at the uses of glass today.

Wall and Floor Tiles

Tile expert Tile Showcase states that glass is an in-demand tile material because of its reflective property. This is why people use glass tiles for bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, or spas so that the whole area will brighten once you turn on the light.

Glass is easy to clean, which is good news for messy bathrooms and kitchens.

Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are common products people use in their homes or in diners. They are normally transparent or translucent so that people would at least see what they’re drinking. This is helpful for shops that usually layer their drinks in various colors when they put them in glasses.


People also use glass in manufacturing windows because it can permit natural light to illuminate the interior of a house or a car. Glass windows can be reinforced so that they won’t break easily, which is advantageous for boutique shops or vehicles.

Today’s technology also allows manufacturers to temper glass windows, so that they’d break into small, non-dangerous pieces instead of sharp shards.

Airtight Containers

Food storage industries now use glass as containers of meat and other edibles that get spoiled. Glass has airtight properties, which allows it to store food while preventing air from getting inside. You can also design the glass material to be heatproof, so you can microwave it without breaking.

In conclusion, glass has proven that it is a material for many purposes. People might think that glass is just for drinking beverages or for windows, but it is actually used for tiles, food containers, and others. The purpose of glass is crystal-clear: to serve as a material easily cleaned, reflect light, and store food.

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