Communication Tips for Travelling: SIM Cards

Communication Tips for TravellingYou can use your regular SIM when you travel outside Australia. All you have to do is activate roaming and you are good to go. However, it can get very expensive, especially if you are travelling in Europe. You might think that you can do most of your mobile communication using Wi-Fi, but that may not always be possible. 

If you want to keep communication costs low, you should have a SIM card for Europe, UK Prepaid Sim Card reasons.

Receive free text and calls

You can use a European SIM card anywhere in the EU and you generally do not have to pay receive texts and calls made in the same country. For example, if you are in the UK, you can receive texts or calls from anyone in the UK without paying anything extra. If you are travelling with someone, you can stay in touch without worrying about roaming charges. Simply get enough SIM cards for everybody in Australia before your leave. It should ready to use as soon as you get there.

Send low-cost text and calls

On the other hand, if you send a text or call someone with a Europe SIM card, you still have to pay. However, since it is prepaid, you do not have to worry about running up a bill. Additionally, the rates for a local card are much lower than using your regular SIM and paying international rates. You should buy a package suitable for your stay in Europe so you will have no problems even if there is Wi-Fi. Include data as well.

Choose the right SIM card

SIM cards come in three different sizes, so make sure that you get the right one for your phone. Some suppliers can give you a SIM that will fit any phone. You also need to make sure that the phone has no lock to your carrier, or your Europe SIM card may not work. Ask your carrier if your phone is unlocked, or try using a SIM card from a different carrier to see if it works.

Switching SIMs when travelling may seem like a lot of trouble. You will get a new mobile number, and you will not be able to receive texts or calls on your regular number. However, it is more practical to use a local SIM card when you are travelling, so consider it a cost-saving measure.

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