Better for Your Health: A Good Enough Reason to Go Organic

healthy food

healthy foodYou know how important it is to build your diet around well-balanced meals. And this means eating healthy, nutritious foods, particularly vegetables and fruits. You’ve learned this from your parents, in school, and even now as you read the daily news.

Proper meals, combined with regular physical activities and keeping away from unhealthy habits like smoking, help you establish a solid foundation for your health.

The Catch

But with the rise in all the controversies and debates surrounding food products in the market today – specifically those containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – your health and well-being are still at risk. This applies to you even when you eat what’s supposedly good for your body. It’s for this reason that you need to consider going organic.

But choosing to go organic isn’t just about saving your health; it’s also about saving the environment. explains that a big part of organic agriculture is working with the land and not against it. It’s a sustainable way of farming the land.

The Biggest Concern About Non-organic Food

The use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides has always been a big concern in the agricultural industry. And for many good reasons, all of which boil down to how their toxic components can harm human health. And that’s not all: most conventional or non-organic food products also contain artificial or synthetic ingredients and preservatives, which studies link to an array of health problems. Non-organic foods, in itself, should already make you more concerned about what you put in your mouth. But there’s even more.

Less of the Good Stuff

Apart from the nasty stuff that most food products today contain, the non-organic ones also have less of the nourishing elements your body needs to stay fit and healthy.

Meanwhile, organic varieties have a higher nutrient density, making them richer in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fatty acids.

In other words, you get more of the good stuff for every penny you spend on organic food.

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