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Bad Breath Solutions

Girl with fresh breath enjoying the fresh air

Girl with fresh breath enjoying the fresh airMany patients have tried mouthwash, chewing gum or mints and all have seemed futile in the fight against bad breath. This is because they are nothing but temporary solutions.

Many patients try a tongue-scraper and brushing the tongue daily (a helpful first-line of defence since the most ‘bad-breath bacteria’ live there), but the unpleasant odor remains. This is when a visit to a dentist in West Malling like One Smile Oral Care is needed.

Causes of bad breath

Any dentist in West Malling will say It is true that what a person eats affects their breath. Foods like onions, curry, coffee and tuna all have strong smells that no one will want to have lingering on their breath. While the food a patient eats can cause unpleasant odors, it doesn’t mean they need to be avoided. Breath odour is more complicated than that.

A strict protein diet is a well-known cause of bad breath because the breakdown of proteins causes ketosis which can cause a foul odour.

Having a dry mouth (medically called Xerostomia) is also a cause of bad breath due to lack of saliva in the mouth. If the body doesn’t make enough saliva, a patient will be faced with more dental problems.

Medications are also a big cause, as well as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and caffeine.

A dentist in West Malling will also be looking for ‘pockets’ in the mouth caused by gum disease, as these are a big place for bacteria to live, which will cause bad breath.

Cavities can also become a cozy home for bad breath causing bacteria. If brushing and flossing or seeing the dentist in West Malling regularly isn’t happening, the mouth is given the opportunity to build up plaque, in which oral bacteria reside and produce volatile sulfur compounds.

The same bad breath bacteria that accumulate on the natural teeth will accumulate on dentures too. Removable dentures that are left in overnight could be bad news as the space between the denture and the gum tissue provides a cosy home for bacteria and even yeast infections. Thus, it is important to take them out at night in a denture cleansing solution to keep bad breath and infections at bay

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