A Massage May Help You Recover from an Injury

Therapist massaging a patient's calf

Therapist massaging a patient's calfAs an athlete, you’re prone to getting hurt. You may suffer from different injuries, such as muscle sprains and strains, dislocated joints, and fractured bones among others. This can happen due to insufficient warm-up and stretching, poor training, or lack of conditioning.

You can prevent these injuries by being extra careful while playing. But in case you’ve sustained a minor form of strain or sprain, consider calling an injury massage therapist in Salt Lake City. A massage could mean better recovery.

The Benefits of Injury Massage

Getting a massage after sustaining a muscle injury can contribute to a faster recovery, but this would depend on the extent of your physical trauma. You may go for a sports massage, which systematically manipulates the soft tissues in your body. It focuses on the muscles that are important to the sports you play.

A sports massage can give you several benefits that will not only heal your injury faster but also improve your performance, on and off the court. These benefits include:

  • Better blood flow
  • An increased joint range of motion
  • Better flexibility
  • Lower muscle tension
  • Lower recovery time between workouts
  • Lower chances to get muscle spasms

If you’re a runner, a sports massage can minimize muscle pain and fatigue. You may also have better circulation and blood flow as well as greater flexibility. Getting a sports massage can make you feel more relaxed, too.

A Certain Limitation to Sports Massage

Sports massage gives plenty of benefits to athletes. This type of massage is different from other types because therapists focus on helping you recover fast from your injuries and improve your performance.

Therapists use special techniques, such as joint mobilizations, muscles energy techniques, and stretches based on how you move when you’re playing.

Sports massage is not for everyone, though. This type of massage is not ideal for individuals with certain conditions, such as:

  • Bleeding disorder
  • Low blood platelet counts
  • People taking blood-thinning medications

You should also avoid sports massage if you’re pregnant. It’s better to consult your physician to know if this form of therapy is best for your injury. Professionals may also recommend a different type of massage that will suit your needs.

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