6 Tips to Stay Away from Added Sugar

mix of sweet cakes, donuts and candy with sugar spread and written text A study has found that the implementation of the sugar tax in the UK will encourage half of the British population to opt for a healthier diet. For years, studies have shown the benefits of reducing sugar intake. Its effects on health are manifested in the appearance, performance and overall well-being of a person.

Here are 6 simple steps you can take to avoid added sugar:

Eliminate temptation one by one

Recount everything that you’ve consumed in a day and identify which items produced even the tiniest bit of guilt. You’ll know which food items are bad for you so you can make a conscious choice to eliminate them one by one.

Check the labels on the back

You know that sweet food items contain a lot of sugar, however, even savoury dishes could be loaded with them. The nutrition labels on products at the supermarket are listed in the order of volume. Look for the different terms for sugar and how close to the top of the list they appear.

Make food swaps

Replacing the everyday meals that you’re used to with delicious and fulfilling options is often challenging.  Doing your research or talking to a nutritionist could give you an idea of how to effectively do this. If you’re already on a diet plan, meal delivery services in the UK typically state the amount of sugar that goes into your meals.

Eat more fat

Healthy fats are essential for the body. These types of fat are the ones found in nuts, seeds, and specific vegetables. The body uses fat as fuel and consuming adequate amounts of food items rich in good fat will help you stay fuller for longer periods of time – which in turn, will help you cut back on those unnecessary cravings.

Drink more water and tea

Hunger is usually confused with thirst. This means that when you feel hungry, perhaps you may just be feeling thirsty. Apart from the benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day, drinking tea can quench thirst and provide you with essential polyphenols and antioxidants your body needs.

Recognize changed habits

Despite how important it is to cut back on sugar, it remains a challenge for many. Recognise your progress. Take note of how it positively affects your health. This will boost your motivation to keep going.

When it comes to diet, it boils down to a person’s everyday choices. These six steps will help you stick with your decision to avoid sugar.

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