5 Things to Know About Supernumerary Teeth

Little Boy in a Dental ClinicHow many teeth are in your child’s mouth? Sometimes, kids get extra teeth known as supernumerary teeth. Here are five things you should know about these additional teeth.

What’s a Supernumerary Tooth?

A supernumerary tooth is an extra tooth that may present in virtually any region of a child’s dental arch. The condition may appear as one extra tooth or multiple teeth. The teeth may be erupted or impacted and in either of the jaws.

Who Can Get an Extra Tooth?

Supernumerary teeth are rare and affect about 1% of the population. The condition is commonly seen with congenital genetic disorders such as cleft lip and palate, and Gardner’s syndrome. Research suggests that boys are more likely than girls to get an extra tooth.

Why Is an Extra Tooth a Concern?

A supernumerary chopper is both an oral health and cosmetic issue. The extra tooth can cause damage to the neighboring teeth. Consequently, it can adversely affect the eruption and alignment of adult teeth.

How Are Extra Teeth Diagnosed?

Early diagnosis of supernumerary teeth is crucial for healthy teeth eruption and jaw formation. A kids dentist in Herriman can diagnose an extra tooth through clinical and radiographic examinations.
Regular dental visits should then begin as soon as your child’s first chopper emerges and not later than the first birthday. The check-ups should continue biannually or as recommended.

Extra Tooth Treatment Options

If a child has an erupted extra tooth, the best option is to remove the tooth. An oral surgeon can perform the extraction under general anesthesia. Preferably, the removal should happen before age 5 when the root of the tooth is not fully developed.

If left undiscovered and untreated, an extra tooth can delay or displace the emergence of adult teeth. The supernumerary chopper can also inhibit orthodontic treatment and damage adjacent tooth roots. Early dental checkups can help diagnose and manage this developmental condition.

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