4 Things You Avoid Doing After an Accident

A road accidentNo matter how careful you are, you can always find yourself involved in an accident. However, knowing what to do can help you prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. Below, see a list of what you should avoid doing when you’ve get into a road accident.

1. Never, ever flee the scene

Any personal injury lawyer, including those from Oklahoma’s Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC, will tell you that no matter how minor the crash seems to be, never drive off from the scene. This seemingly harmless assumption could land you in a lot of problems.

This is regardless of the fact that you were the one who was hit. Leaving the scene makes you a hit and run driver which has serious legal implications. You can get charged with a felony if there are any fatalities and you also risk losing your license.

2. Don’t leave your car on the road

If there are no serious injuries and you can still be able to move your car, just pull over on the roadside. Parking your car on the road so as to inspect the damage, or waiting for the police to arrive can be a fatal mistake. This is because this can lead to another deadly crash especially if you have parked around a corner, where there is poor visibility, or where the traffic moves fast.

3. Never fail to call the police

Sometimes the situation seems small and inconsequential, hence seeing no need to call the police. However, never make that grave mistake. You need a police officer to document the events of the accident. It is that police report that will make the difference when it comes to insurance compensation. Also, make sure to answer all their questions honestly and refrain from guessing or speculating.

4. Don’t delay medical attention

After the crash, you may be feeling all fine. However, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment and let the doctor rule out any injuries. It is also crucial that you be honest with the doctor just in case you have had past car crash injuries to help them make the right diagnosis.

Car accidents are daily occurrences. If, however, you get into one, you should know that what you do after is what will make or hurt your case. The guide above will be of great help in understanding what to avoid in the unfortunate event you find yourself in a car crash.

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