4 Kinds of Office Drama Mediation Can Help Solve

Workers angry with each otherUnhealthy workplace disputes hurt workers, causing a stressful environment, and affecting job satisfaction of all parties. They can be costly to the company itself, too.

According to a 2008 study, U.S. employees spend nearly three hours per week dealing with office drama, which can be equivalent to billions of losses in paid hours. The negative effects of conflict at work increase the longer they stay unresolved.

In many cases, mediation can be the most effective solution to dispute resolution mechanism. The involvement of a third, unbiased party can help work through differences and produce a fair agreement without resorting to litigation.

These are some of the types of workplace problems mediation can be most useful.

Coworker Conflict

Interpersonal differences can compromise the ability of employees to function properly at work. Turning to the arbitration and mediation services of qualified professionals can create a safe and controlled environment where both sides can express themselves in an amicable manner.

Frayed Employee-Manager Relationship

Even star employees can experience a dip in performance under bad management. Sometimes, top performers don’t respond positively to direct criticisms from managers they have problems with.

Since private conversations full of fear and defensiveness are usually not productive, an experienced mediator can step in to help both parties talk things out.

Mediation offers promising results because it allows those involved observe the terms of the agreement because they all have a hand in making it.


Although there’s no bright future in the company for the employee the employer wants to terminate, mediation can help both parties negotiate the terms of the separation. This can be beneficial to both parties when the termination has a lot of litigation risk.

Sexual Harassment

Contrary to popular belief, parties involved in a sexual harassment complaint can work together to come up with a healthy and less costly resolution. Many disputes happen because of great differences in perception of what is offensive behavior.

If both sides are willing to speak with one another, the mediator can facilitate the conversation and produce satisfactory conclusions.

Mediation of workplace disputes is never overrated; actually, it’s often underappreciated. Compared with detrimental options to resolve conflict among colleagues, mediation offers a stress-free environment to fix broken professional relationships.

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