3 Tips for Caring for Your Terminally Ill Child

Mom comforting sick kid

Mom comforting sick kidLearning that your child has a terminal illness can be very devastating. If even after their physicians’ best efforts, your child’s condition proves untreatable, the next best step is to help your child live out their remaining days in the best way possible. Here are tips to go about it.

1. Consider hospice care

Understandably, you want your child to spend a bigger portion of their remaining time at home with their loved ones, pets, and treasured belongings around them.

But, it’s also possible that you feel more reassured having your child stay in a top hospice home facility in Indiana instead of at home. Make a decision on what you and your child’s health care team think is best.

2. Pay attention to their needs

It’s normal to feel powerless taking care of your child’s physical and psychosocial needs when their chronic illness reaches its advanced stages. But, there are simple ways you can do it.

For instance, give them the opportunity to engage in their age-appropriate activities and play. Encourage them to continue attending school. It’s also crucial that they maintain their friendships.

3. Talk openly to them

Discussing your child’s situation with them can be very challenging, and some parents choose not to do it. However, you aren’t protecting your child by hiding the truth from them.

It’s highly likely that your child knows or suspects that they’re dying. It’s best if you look for an appropriate time to talk to them about it and allow them to share their fears and ask you questions.

Caring for your terminally ill child is by no means an easy task, but it’s essential for both them and you. With some foresight and support, you can make sure both their emotional and physical needs are met at this crucial stage in their life.

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