3 Recovery Tips for Laser Spine Treatment

Man shows an illustration of a spinal cordThousands of people undergo spine surgeries every year and based on statistics, the numbers have increased in the past decade. Among the procedure options, many patients opt for a laser spine surgery because this has the shortest recovery time compared to the conventional open back surgery.

If you’re planning to undergo such surgery this year, it’s best you read on these recovery tips as early as today. Keep these in mind as you prepare for your laser spine treatment in NJ.

Prepare for physical therapy.

Your doctor will tell you how important physical therapy is to recovery. However, it’s your responsibility to be religious to your PT sessions which will start soon after your surgery. You need to prepare both your mind and body for the PT sessions because it can help you get back on your feet as soon as you can so you can return to work.

Prepare your household of post-surgery.

After surgery, you won’t be allowed to do much work, especially one that requires physical effort. You need to prepare your household to help around the house while you recuperate. If you’re living alone, make sure that you get some someone to stock your fridge with food and do simple chores like cleaning and feeding your pets.

Wear the brace when needed.

Patients undergoing spine surgery are often provided with a brace. However, this is mainly used to provide comfort instead of correction. Patients often use the brace for pain management and this can be worn for up to two weeks. If you think you need to wear one, go ahead and do it. Patients who undergo minimally invasive surgeries receive specialized implants, and these are used as internal braces so patients don’t need to wear external ones.

Of course, it’s important for patients to understand that each surgery is different and everyone has their own recovery time. However, many patients recover fully in just six weeks. Remember these so you can prepare for full recovery after a spine surgery.

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