Car Emission: Clearing Up the Air for Your Loved Ones

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Commercial Property

Legal Considerations in Buying Commercial Property

Commercial PropertyOne of the strongest and most lucrative investment opportunities to date is commercial property. By purchasing a property that has already been built, you will save on certain fees, documentation and permits. This already cuts your work in half, while still being able to maximise your earnings.

Still, there are some legal considerations to take into account. Thinking about these will ensure a better investment opportunity.

Interest Sharing

Are you buying the commercial property in full or are you only taking into account the management rights? Are you sharing the interest with other co-owners?

These are very important questions to think about. The kind of property you will purchase should be determined by your experience. If you have prior experience in managing similar properties, it is best to buy as an individual investor. For more inexpensive and more efficient management options, however, it may be best to invest with other co-owners.

Management Rights

Investment in a commercial property does not end in acquiring the property. Explore the potential of further investments and leasing opportunities. There is so much income potential in buying commercial property that you should not stop exploring contracts that you enter into with your newly purchased property.

Buyer Beware

It is very important that you check the title of the property before buying. This will help you determine if there are outstanding liabilities related to the property.

When you buy a commercial property, you should make sure that there are no issues that could jeopardise your claim to it. For example, an outstanding mortgage would mean that the owner stated on the title may not have the authority to dispose of it.

It is important to check these and other legal factors when buying any kind of property. Always consult sound advice before investing to save yourself from future problems.


Google’s New Mobile Ad Features: How It Can Boost Your Mobile Conversions

mobileThe latest data shows that mobile media time is now greater at 51 percent compared to desktop at 42 percent. It’s no surprise that smartphone and tablet use continues to rise. Converting mobile visitors, however, is still a big challenge for many business owners across multiple industries.

As TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc puts it: “Smartphones and tablets have modernized direct marketing, which has resulted in significant changes in customer behavior. The rise of mobile is unstoppable, and you need to make it part of your marketing strategy. Joining the mobile revolution is easy enough, but it is still best to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to succeed.”

To improve the search experience of users and help businesses get more customers, Google introduced new mobile ad units. As mobile search has now overtaken desktop, it’s important that you know how to optimize your site to increase mobile conversion.

Allow Searchers to Do More, Faster

Whether looking for a restaurant nearby or planning a weekend getaway, mobile users hop on Google to get answers immediately. This is the reason the new mobile ad formats improve the ability to book a service, buy a product, and act directly through search engine results page (SERPs). Google recently introduced its buy button, which makes it simpler and faster for on-the-go consumers to shop. This will be a huge benefit for your business, as you can help your target market complete actions more easily.

Make Your Ads Interactive

Google confirmed that the carousel ads are real. This features a set of images that mobile searchers can scroll through directly on the SERPs. Carousel ads aim to help consumers choose what suits their preferences before clicking. This makes online shopping more interactive and engaging.

Help Users Compare

To make the right purchase, customers research thoroughly, read reviews carefully, and compare prices for hours. Google knows the struggle, which prompted them to launch the Google Compare last March. This feature helps shoppers easily compare and search for product reviews on the SERPs.

Best Program for Children

The Right Program for Right Brain Training

Best Program for ChildrenDo you remember the first time that your parents sent you off to school? The terrifying yet exciting experience during your first day was one of the precious moments you remember forever. During your early years, you may not remember everything that happened, but parts of it leave a mark on you.

As a parent, sending your kids to school is a crucial moment. During this stage, parents should be very careful in choosing the best school suitable for their kids. Some parents are meticulous in choosing the right school and the best program that can mould their child to become a better person.

Different schools have different approaches in teaching kids to learn at a very young age. With studies showing that literacy levels improve in upper primary, but plateau in secondary levels, it’s important to start early.

Schools offer different children enrichment programs that use effective and fun methods. Some schools are focusing on right brain training and whole brain development programs for children.

What is right brain and whole brain training?

You need both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to function well. The left hemisphere focuses on logical, critical thinking, accuracy and repetition of exercises that help your children build and enhance memory.

The right hemisphere focuses on creative thinking, absorbing and storing events or pictures based on what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The right brain is often called the “image brain” because information is stored as images.

Why choose right brain and whole brain training program?

There are innovative techniques to help kids learn quickly and effectively. Right brain programs can teach kids to be observant, read quickly and understand content well.  The whole brain training program combines different strategies to enhance both the left and right hemispheres of the brain that will increase the child’s capacity to learn.

Parents want the best for their children. At the end of the day, you will still consider the right environment for your child. Choosing the best school with the right program can help both parents and children.

Scrap Metal

Metals that Give You Cash: Recycling for a Price

Scrap MetalDid you know that you can make easy money from unused metals?

Unbeknownst to most people, you can get a reasonable sum of cash by recycling metals. As long as you know metals that can be salvaged, you can stockpile a sufficient number and sell them for higher amounts.

Types of Metals that can be Recycled

Non-ferrous elements can easily be sold in metal salvage shops because these are resistant to corrosion. Common metals that do not quickly deteriorate, such as aluminium, brass and copper, sell at higher prices. On the other hand, junk shops buy ferrous metals such as steel and iron at relatively lower prices.

The easiest and most convenient method to determine the type is by using a magnet. If no adhesion occurs upon contact with a magnet, you have a non-ferrous metal; otherwise, you have a ferrous element.

Should the Metals be in Good Condition?

Once you have finally decided that you want to earn from recycling, start selecting the items that scrap metal recyclers accept. Basically, you can select any spare, unused metal in your home, vehicles and appliances. These metals do not have to be in perfect condition because metals have slow decomposition rates.

How Much Money Do I Earn?

The amount that you earn ultimately depends on the type and weight of the metals. Heavier and non-corrosive metals have higher costs than light and ferrous counterparts. Scrap metal recyclers accept any quantity of metal, but most individuals accumulate a good amount before selling it in salvage yards to receive more cash.

The Bottom Line

Selling unused metals is one of the easiest ways of earning cash. For that pile of junk metals at home, find a scrap yard that would accept them at fair prices.


Weather Woes: It Isn’t Just Thieves that can Break Into Your Shop

SecurityOwning a shop is challenging; not only do you have your hands full actually running your business, there’s also the danger of burglars making off with your hard-earned money. But, it isn’t just thieves that can break into your shop.

Something a lot stronger than the common intruder can also break into your shop and may even cause damage to the property itself – the weather.

Storm Damage

NWSM Building Group says many business owners underestimate the power of rain and wind, and more often than not, they only consider these weather patterns as a threat when it’s already destroying their goods and property. Storms are another story, and the damage they can potentially do goes up to eleven.

Wind and rain from storms are an extremely powerful and deadly combination, capable of tearing apart flimsy doors, breaking glass, and carrying away anything that isn’t bolted down or reinforced. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by installing industrial roller doors and shutters. These are specifically designed to resist wind and rain, and have the added bonus of deterring thieves as well.

 Flood Hazard

The danger from floods come from their unpredictability; in an instant, they can turn into a flash flood and cause even more widespread property damage through sheer force of the water. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to actually ‘floodproof’ your place of business, unless the shop itself was designed and constructed with floods in mind.

If this is the case with your business, you still need to maintain the structural integrity of the vulnerable parts of the building, such as the walls and basements. It’s also important that you move all of the toxic and hazardous products on the second floor or in an elevated part of the building. When a flood hits and manages to carry these away, these can present an even greater danger not just to you, but for anyone who may unknowingly get exposed to these hazardous wastes.

Weatherproofing your place of business is a necessity, especially if the area you live in is exposed to Australia’s intense and unpredictable weather patterns. It’s also important to be aware of incoming weather, so you have time to prepare when something deadly does strike.

Driving Home

Field Sobriety Tests: Accept or Refuse?

Driving HomeYou’re driving home from a friend’s party one night, having finished half a dozen bottles of beer. Catching the attention of police officers nearby, they asked you to pull over and undergo tests for DWI. Now you’re stuck between two choices: accepting or refusing the field sobriety tests.

Police officers conduct field sobriety tests as standard procedures to anyone suspected of DWI. You may undergo or decline them. Keep in mind, however, that your choice will determine whether you’ll drive on or go through a DWI trial.

What happens if you accept?

It’s more prudent to undergo field sobriety tests in most cases. Some DWI attorneys in Houston, Texas note that more district and county attorney’s offices have implemented “no refusal” programs even if FST’s are optional. Doing them will give you less trouble with the law in the future, and you’ll have a chance to walk away scot-free if you pass the tests.

But what if you took the tests and you failed them? You’ll receive automatic driver’s license suspension from 90 days to 2 years unless you request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. It’s a lengthy legal procedure, but you’ll still have your license and you’ll have more time to build your defense against a possible trial.

What happens if you refuse?

Refusing the FST may increase the police officers’ suspicions that you’re guilty of DWI, giving them more reasons to prolong their interrogation. They may convince the judge or jury to consider refusal as evidence of intoxication. They may also obtain a search warrant to force you to undergo the tests if they have probable cause.

You may refuse to undergo tests and cite your reasons if you feel you’ll most likely flunk them or the arresting officers are already biased against you. The wrong alibi will give you more problems with the law, however. Let your attorney talk to the arresting officers to avoid sabotaging your case.

Knowing all these things, should you accept or refuse field sobriety tests? It depends. The outcome will not only rely on your acceptance or refusal but also on the follow-up strategies you’ll do to strengthen your case against a possible DWI charge. Consult with a DWI attorney to find out more about your options.


At the Golden Years: The Secrets to Enjoying a Happy Retirement

RetirementYou have waited 40 years for this. After four (or more) decades in the work force, you are now calling it quits as you enter your golden years. Try to enjoy it.

Retirement should be a happy time. After all, you have all the time in the world, you can set your own schedule, and you can start spending all the money you have been saving since you stepped out of school and into the corporate world.

The question, however, is this: how can you enjoy a happy retirement? Here are some secrets you should know:

Planning for the Non-Financial Aspect of Retirement is Important, Too

Retirement living will require more than just money. While it is important to think about how much money you will need in retirement, think about what you want your life to look like as well.

Make life plans. Think about what will make you happy. Find properties for sale — Christchurch is a good place to look. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Make time to write that novel you have been planning to. Simply doing everything you have always planned to do will make you happy during your retirement years.

Your Attitude Plays a Big Part in Finding Happiness

Retirement can be a challenging time, but always remember that your attitude plays a big part in whether you will find happiness or not. Check yourself. Assess your mood. If you feel sad and depressed, talk to a professional counsellor or a doctor. Senior depression is all too common and should be stopped.

Develop Your Relationships; Establish New Ones

Maintain and develop your relationships, especially that with with your spouse if you are still married. A study found that married or cohabiting couples are more likely to be happy in retirement than singles, so try to stick together.

Develop new friendships as well, because the strength of your social network is a measurement of whether you are going to be successful and happy at retirement. Join a community or organisations that will allow you to meet new people.

So many people are depressed and discouraged during retirement simply because they focus on their “number” — that magical amount that supposedly allows them to follow their dreams. As a retiree (or future retiree), focus on other aspects of the experience, including living happily in the years ahead.

Job hunt

Job Hunting Strategies You Need to Try Now

Job huntYou recently graduated and you felt excited as you put your career plans into action. A few months of trial and error, however, failed to give you a job. You wasted your first year out of university as a result.

If you’re not having any luck with your job hunting efforts, perhaps you need a change of strategy. Finding a job can be hard if you don’t know how. Here are some job hunting trends that may help increase your chances of being hired:

Connect with recruitment agencies

Quinn Recruitment suggests you connect with recruitment agencies to help you find a job that fits your profile. They are in the business of finding the right persons for employers so they’ll most likely have plenty of job vacancies.

Use social media

Social networking sites are not just for stalking people or posting mundane things. Companies use Facebook, LinkedIn and other forms of social media for recruiting people. Use it to get close to company owners.Comment, follow, tweet or like posts of prospective employers. Get rid of inappropriate stuff in your profile, as well. Employers use social media to assess an applicant’s suitability for the job.

Attend career expos

Going to places and events for recruitment purposes may help you find work. Attend career expos in your area. These usually take a whole day so bring many resumes and lunch. Go early so more recruiters can entertain you.

Browse job-hunting websites

Recruiters post job vacancies online since more people browse the Internet nowadays. Stalk the website of the company you’re applying for. If you don’t have a specific employer in mind, visit job vacancy websites and post your CV there. Your application will be more visible to employers, increasing your chances of landing a job.

Ask friends and family

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know that matters when looking for jobs. Friends and family are alternative sources of job opportunities, as well. Ask them for company referrals.

Keep in mind that these strategies don’t guarantee results. How you play your cards will determine your success or failure in finding a job. Do these suggestions but market yourself effectively in your resume and job interview, as well.

Picked The Right Car

Have You Picked The Right Car? Inspect and Find Out

Picked The Right CarBuying a used car can be major investment. You want to feel confident in your decision and make sure you are getting the most out of the deal. To minimize uncertainties, get assurance from your dealer that the car is in good running condition, advises

If you have decent knowledge on cars, performing a car inspection on your own is even better. Here’s where to look.

The exterior

Obviously, the first thing you need to check is the body. See if there are dents, scratches, and rust spots. Uneven gaps between doors and fenders can mean they were assembled or repaired poorly. Apart from the gaps, take note of the color and make sure they are nicely even on each panel.

Open and close all doors, including the hood and the trunk, to see they’re all in decent condition. Walk around the car and inspect the glass for chips and cracks. While chips are relatively harmless, cracks worsen over time and can result in a costly repair.

You also need to check the car’s suspension. Make sure the body stands evenly, and is not slumping or sagging anywhere. To check if the shock absorbers are in good condition, push down on every corner. The car should bounce no more than once.

Under the hood

Check under the hood for any gasket leak, which can leave oil stains on the engine block. The belts should show no signs of cracks or drying out. Inspect the hoses for the radiator and ensure they’re not soft. The vehicle should have enough oil when you pull out the dipstick. A foamy residue inside the oil filler cap can indicate a leakage in the head gasket. If this happens, it’s time to move on to another car.

Inside the car

After checking the exterior and the component, it’s time to check the interior. Check for damages in the upholstery, including rips, stains, cigarette burns or scratches. Make sure the AC is in good condition, and check the dash to ensure that warning signs are perfectly working.

You should also look out for additional functions, such as stereo system, navigation, and parking sensors.

It remains that getting all the necessary information from the dealer is also a great bet at the best deal. A thorough car inspection, along with knowledge of its history, gives you confidence that you’ve chosen the right car and gotten good value for your money.

Car Emissions

Car Emission: Clearing Up the Air for Your Loved Ones

Car EmissionsYou are what you breathe. And breathing fresh air means living a healthy life. But, as we choose to enlarge our eco footprint by driving more, we are sullying the air with dust, dirt, and toxins faster than we can think about it.

Cars are the Culprit

Cars are the greatest source of air pollutants. Nitrogen oxide, or NOx, is a by-product of an engine’s combustion. It appears in two forms: nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide. In larger cities where car traffic is heavy, the amount of NOx in the air reaches unsafe levels, causing sickness.

How Dirty Air Affects Children

While air pollution affects everyone, babies and young children are the ones impacted the most. Air pollution affects babies by making them more prone to birth defects, low weight gain, premature birth, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and many more.

How Dirty Air Affects Seniors

Apart from babies, elder people are also more prone to diseases caused by air pollution. This is because many seniors suffer from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and exposure to pollutants could worsen their situation.

What You Can Do

In 2013, more half of the nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxides released in the U.S. air came from cars alone. This tells us a lot about how cars can wreak havoc to our environment and health. But this doesn’t mean getting rid of your car altogether. By doing these two simple tips, you can somehow reduce your car’s eco footprint:

  • Drive less – Instead of driving two to three blocks to the grocery, ride a bicycle instead, or walk. You’re not just doing a favor for the air, your also doing a favor for your health.
  • Equip your engine with emission cleaning technology – Every time you drive your diesel car, you are emitting a byproduct made of nearly 40% harmful pollutants. Install your vehicle with DEF equipment and pump systems to make your car’s emission less harmful and more earth-friendly.

By taking care of our air, we are making this world a better place where our loved ones can breathe and live healthy. Start caring for everyone’s health by taking care of the air we breathe.