Understanding the Relationship of Speed Eating to Increased BMI

Have you ever wondered if ever there is a relationship between the speed rate at which you eat and you’re growing waistline? A new study from the University of Otago discovered that More »

From One Area to Another: Fat Transfer Procedure for a Better, Younger-Looking Skin

The procedure known as microlipoinjection, more popularly known as fat transfer, is a process by which the patient’s own body fat is utilized to improve sunken or emaciated portions of the face More »

Four Professions Vulnerable to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone, but there are places and jobs that put people at higher risk than most. In many of these professions, workers are required to communicate with each other, More »

Cosmetic Surgery for Different Parts of the Face

One of the wonders of cosmetic surgery is how it can transform different structures of the body to improve a person’s appearance and self-esteem. People who have imperfections and flaws have an More »

Acupuncture: Healing through Needles

Acupuncture is a Chinese form of treatment developed over 2,000 years ago. Healthcare professionals across the globe discovered its potential for curing different diseases in the 70s. In 1979, the World Health More »

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4 Awesome Reasons Why Natural SEO Techniques Rock

seo trainingA website, no matter how aesthetically appealing it is, would need search engine optimization strategies to survive the ranking competition. Proper SEO methodology will help bring in the online visibility a website needs to generate ROI leads.

This is the reason why SEO companies thrive in every part of the cyber world today. And to be able to understand how SEO really works, specialists should undergo a search engine optimisation training. A comprehensive training will teach SEO professionals learn exactly how natural optimization method works.

If you don’t have in-house specialists to do the SEO for you, it is best to get the services of an SEO company. These companies employ strategies, which include organic or natural techniques or black-hat techniques. The former is a popular option while very few have been engaging with the latter.

Here are a few reasons why most SEO companies prefer the natural or organic techniques.

#1 Search Engines Like The Natural SEO Methods

SEO companies like to the use the natural SEO methods because the search engines like them. There is no denying the fact that black-hat methods such as purchasing back links, using irrelevant keywords, keyword stuffing, spamming, etc. can get a website to the top of the SERPs faster, which would mean better business for the SEO firms. However, with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, companies are bound to prefer the natural SEO techniques.

#2 Natural SEO Is Long-Lasting

The black-hat SEO techniques might assure you of faster results, but there is no guarantee that your website will able to stay on top long enough to generate satisfactory business. But with organic SEO methodologies, you are guaranteed with positive results. The process might be slow and tedious, but the ROI is guaranteed.

#3 Engaging the Visitors

With black-hat techniques, a website might generate plenty of traffic, but today for search engines, what also matters is how long the visitors stay on the website. It is only when good content with relevant keywords and other organic optimization techniques are put to good use that the site will be able to engage visitors and boost its search engine rankings.

#4 Coping with the Algorithms Update

The algorithms of search engines change ever so constantly. There is no is no telling when a website will be caught for malpractices. Getting to the top too quickly on the search engine rankings makes a search engine suspicious and pushes it to investigate the optimization methods used. Once a website is listed as spam by the search engines, it is extremely difficult to gain back the lost reputation. You may have to engage the services of a company specializing in disavow services to help your website get back on track.

If you really want your website to make it to the top of SERPs, do not second-guess. Go for organic SEO. Remember, big brother Google is always on the lookout; cheating your way to the top will be pointless.


Glamping with Airstreams

airstreamSummer is here and what better way to spend the season but go glamping with the family! And getting a comfortable airstream to go around Colorado is the way to go. However, not everyone can afford to buy an Airstream trailer. But fret no more, because there are Airstream rental companies everywhere so you can go glamping with the family any time you want.

The Joy Of Travelling In A Recreational Vehicle

Glamping in a rented recreational vehicle promises a spectacular summer experience for the whole family. Living Airstream enumerates the fabulous reasons why you should go for it:

#1 No Need to Book a Hotel

No need for hotel bookings or hunt for a motel to stay overnight: Your recreational vehicle will be good enough to accommodate you overnight. All you need to do is find a place to park and you are all set to camp.

#2 No Waiting

No waiting time: When you hire a recreational vehicle, all you would need is fuel. There is no need to wait for a bus or a train to make your trip. You can move towards your destination at your own sweet will.

#3 No Itinerary Necessary

With an airstream in tow, you are free to go wherever you want. You don’t have to spend hours planning with the family where to go next, what to do there, etc. You can be as spontaneous as you want. If you and your family were nature lover, this would be a boon for you.

#4 No Need for a Baby Sitter

Even the little ones can travel in style with the rest of the family. Recreational vehicles make traveling with infants an easy task. These vehicles would make them feel at home.

#5 No Need for Pet Sitter Either

You can take your pets with you. Traveling with pets becomes a very easy task, when you go for an Airstream rental. Pets will enjoy these trips as much as you would.

It is definitely enjoyable to travel and go glamping in a style. And to make the experience more gratifying for each member of the family, get a reliable Airstream rental.


Preventing Rust Formation

rustThe foundation of every single structure, from the tallest skyscrapers to mere bungalows, relies heavily on steel. The reason being that steel is one of the strongest and most durable materials suited for construction purposes. The material is almost everywhere, and there seems no end in sight, given the many advantages steel provides.

Although steel is indeed strong, it is by no means impervious to damage. The problem is that steel, through constant exposure to the elements, can corrode. Edifices whose foundations are made of steel run the risk of compromised structural integrity.

Preventive measures are essential to lessen and prevent the effects of corrosion on steel. Taking a preventive stance and reinforcing steel is better than employing a mere reactionary stance in the event of rust formation.

The following methods are the most common and reliable ways to combat rust:


The galvanization process involves the application of a protective layer or metallic zinc to preserve the integrity of the steel. The reason behind zinc’s popularity as a galvanic element is that it is more affordable. In addition, it holds well to metal.


To prolong longevity and maintain safety and reliability, steel is often reinforced or coated. Mild steel has a way of easily succumbing to corrosion. This is the reason they need to be coated. After all, most industries rely on steel for its inherent strength and durability. Applying intermediate coating is necessary to ensure that rust is stopped dead on its tracks. Coatings work because they isolate from the weather and other elements in the immediate environment that may cause corrosion.

Galvanization and coating are ample rust-proofing techniques that can help maintain the integrity of steel products. Depending on the need, either one can be more applicable than the other. When the steel is as strong as it can be, structures are more likely to last longer and be much safer.


What it Takes to Become a Certified Event Planner

eventsWhen planning a career in event management, you need to gain a good amount of experience, training and certification to become qualified. You can start by enrolling in event management courses. These courses will teach you the techniques and methods to plan an entire event and monitor its completion.

You can work on different kinds of events. It can be big events such as fashion shows, corporate sponsorship events, conferences, celebrity parties, fundraisers, sports events, and product or business launches. You can also work on personal events like birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and even weddings. You can either specialise in organising a particular type of events or become a general event manager. Attending trade shows and conferences is an effective way to find out what kind of event planning will suit you.

Before enrolling in any event management course, you need to understand what responsibilities will be expected of you as an event planner. Events company and course provider, fizzeventcourses.co.uk, cites some of them:

Locating appropriate sites or venues for events

You have to be well informed with some of the important venues in the cities where you plan to offer your services. Develop some contacts at these places, so you can easily book a specific venue for your project.

Working with entertainers, decorators and caterers

These are the people whom you will be in contact with all the time. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses and how you can use them for your events. Being aware of their rates will also help.

Doing research or footwork for clients

You should gather as many information from your clients as possible to find out their needs and specifications about their event event. You will also have to use networking and social media to do some research, so you can offer what is best to your client.

Developing a proposal for your event

Although it may be time consuming, you will have to create a proposal that will help you win the event. This would need a lot of thought, some content creation, a few photographs and design ideas to impress the client.

Additional duties include creating a list of the guests, designing invitations, communicating through mails, and making the necessary arrangements if you need to accommodate certain special guests.


Certificate IV Training and Assessment: Its Importance to Employers and their Staff

Training is an important aspect of any job. It offers the employee a way to learn new skills and perform effectively. It helps employers increase productivity and add to the bottom line. For some employees, going back to school can be scary, but it does not have to be that way. Courses are designed to be easy and interesting. Many students who have been through the cert IV training and assessment learn a lot from the structured training methods. These courses are available in a number of areas. Here are more details from kirana.edu.au, a top provider of solutions to people and enterprise development through training, education and related human capital services.


Controlled Class Sizes

Class sizes are usually kept small, so trainers can pay attention to individual students. These formats work well for students to make it easier to cope with the curriculum. Many feel intimidated in larger groups and may not ask questions. Also, group activities and learning tools allow better understanding of the subject. A facilitator’s experience in conducting these courses makes it more interesting for students to participate actively.

Benefits for Both Employees and Employers

In jobs where health and safety regulations are highly important, many companies and students have benefitted from these courses. Employees learn the importance of following safety measures and keeping track of changing regulations and implementing them. This benefits employers, as they can reduce workplace accidents and lower insurance claims. It is important to increase awareness of the different issues and ensure compliance.

Staff Management

Many participants also learn how to manage crews who work under them and address issues that affect overall productivity. Out of all these, the most important area of focus is managing conflicts and getting workers to do their best on the job. With useful tools, participants learn to manage their tasks and their subordinates efficiently. Peer reviews and relevant feedback both play an important role, as they help managers change their style and work more effectively with a team.

Most of these training and assessment courses are not costly. They are concise yet offer information on all the latest developments in specific fields.

software applications

Field Work Efficiency: Utilizing FSM Software Systems

Field service management (FSM) is a cloud-based or hosted system, which combines Internet service and hardware to achieve optimum performance for businesses in the transportation industry. Software systems designed for this function provide support to companies in locating their vehicles, ensuring driver safety, managing workers’ daily activities, dispatch work, and other schedule, and integrating with billing, inventory, accounting and other back-office systems. The system commonly refers to companies highly in need of assistance in managing installs and service or equipment repairs.

software applications

The Importance of Mobility

To enhance lines of communication within the field, companies have started utilizing mobility for better operations. They also acknowledge its role in increasing productivity, streamlining work processes, and improving customer service and loyalty. For best results, field service software creates a combination of many functions and turns it into one holistic solution. Field service management solutions providers such as JobLogic.com regularly offer their customers additional applications for ease of use. These usually include automated vehicle location, scheduling and routing optimization, remote vehicle diagnostics, vehicle tracking, inventory management and driver safety.

Some potential benefits of mobility include the following:

Increased productivity and streamlined workflow
• Enhanced customer satisfaction
• Real-time analysis of mobile work status
• Reduced overhead or administration costs associated with paper-based field service management
• Increased first-time-fix rate
• E-audit trail preservation for complete regulatory compliance
• Minimized lost revenue and shortened billing cycles

To determine the price of this software, consider several factors. These include a company’s size, number of employees, business requirements, number of users, carrier selection and planned data usage. Other fees that may be included in the pricing may be based on the use of the FSM platform, such as charges for extra technical support, software applications, and additional training. However, these are rarely added. Popular fee structures for FSM software may include pay-per-franchise, pay-per-field employee, and pay-per-administrators.

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Schoolwear for Girls: Shopping Secrets for Savvy Mothers

Shopping for girls’ schoolwear can be problematic for most mothers, especially since children tend to outgrow their clothes easily. That’s why mothers are constantly looking for more affordable clothes that fit their budgets. Fortunately, there are many options available like online offers and discount stores that help solve the problem. To learn more about finding the best offers, here’s a brief discussion from Perm-A-Pleat, an established clothing manufacturer in Australia:

school girl

Web Stores

Online clothing stores are the perfect solution, especially for busy mothers. Online shopping eliminates visiting physical stores, wasting time in picking out clothes and trying them on in dressing rooms. In addition, the shipping cost may also be eliminated, as some stores don’t charge you for it if you buy a certain amount. This helps you save more.

Coupons also make a great option in online shopping. Many kids clothing retail stores give out special Internet coupons that may be unusable in street stores. These can amount to some great savings and may also be combined with adult clothing above a certain price.

Physical Shops

Non-online options such as large department stores often offer discounted kids clothes, especially during Christmas and other holidays. Even second-hand outlets are great places to buy school wear for girls at affordable rates.

When shopping for discounted clothes, you need to be flexible. Turning down a good offer because the size isn’t just right or the colour is a little different may not be a good decision. You can always buy a larger size and get the clothes altered by a good tailor to fit your child.

Create a List

Write a list of discount stores specializing in school wear for girls. Include information on pricing, range of designs, and customer reviews. Then, make comparisons to see which one is the right retailer. Once you’ve established a good rapport with them as a regular buyer, they may offer more discounts.


Fast and Effective CaviCide1: Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination

Fragrance-free CaviCide1 is the latest advancement in surface disinfection and multipurpose cleaning. This can be used safely as a cleaner and decontaminant on hard and non-porous surfaces. It is effective in destroying fungi, virus and bacteria in just one minute. It can also kill Norovirus, A.baumannii, HIV-1, TB bacteria HCV, and HBV, to name a few.

Works Fast

The one-minute contact time for its activation is a very useful feature. It can double up as a cleaner and disinfectant, which is both bleach and phenol-free. It works as a multipurpose cleaner for normal offices and hospitals. It can also be used at home to destroy common household insects and germs effectively. But, it’s advisable to follow the instructions for before and after use procedures depending on the application.


This fast acting agent is also a great choice for any kind of surface disinfection in many areas of healthcare facilities. This includes operation theatres, patients’ rooms, endoscopy, sterile processing department, and dentists’ tables and surfaces, among others. In addition, this chemical be sprayed on the surfaces and instruments and left wet for at least one minute before they are wiped clean.

As Decontaminant Immersion Solution

They can be used in decontaminant immersion solution, too. Do this by fully immersing the instruments and devices a container filled with a good amount of this chemical. It should be covered and left for at least ten minutes at normal room temperature (around 20 degrees Celsius). Afterwards, remove and rinse the instruments and discard the solution.

As Cleaning Agent for Ultrasonic Unit

They can also be used to clean the ultrasonic unit. Add one ounce of the chemical to one liter of water and make a disinfectant solution. Then, clean the instruments and surfaces of the unit with running water. Immerse the instruments in this solution and activate the ultrasonic machine for five to ten minutes. Afterwards, switch off the machine and rinse the instruments as per instructions. Other devices can also be cleaned manually using this kind of solution. Always discard the solution after use.

Its widespread applications in hospitals include incubators, cribs, baby bathtubs, oxygen hoods, veterinary-care surfaces, and non-food contact surfaces. When used as directed, this chemical can disinfect and clean effectively.


Understanding the Relationship of Speed Eating to Increased BMI

Have you ever wondered if ever there is a relationship between the speed rate at which you eat and you’re growing waistline? A new study from the University of Otago discovered that women who are middle- aged and eat slowly are less likely to be overweight and obese compared to those of the same age who eat at a much faster rate. The result of the study was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Experts from The Waitplate System, the first weight-loss and educational weight management system in the world, support the result.


Eating Speed and Weight Loss

Researchers studied the relationship between what is called self-reported speed of eating and BMI or body mass index in more than a 1500 women from New Zealand. The participants are between the ages of 40 to 50 years old.

Dr. Caroline Horwath, the lead research scientist, mentioned that after adjustments for other external factors such as ethnicity, lifestyle choices, pre or post-menopausal status, they were able to discover that the quicker the women reported their eating habits to be, the higher their body mass index tends to become.

For each one-step increase in a 5-step scale, which ranges from “very slow” eating to “very swift,” the subject’s body mass index went up by at least 2.8%. This is equivalent to about 1.95 kg weight increase in a woman, who has an average body mass index for this particular test group.

Eat Slow to Lose Weight

The study indicated that there is indeed a causal link and that a reduction of the speed of eating is a very promising strategy in preventing unwanted weight gain. This can lead to a further reduction of the body mass index that is similar, if not better than those who participate in other weight reduction treatment programs.

The lead researcher, Dr. Horwath, confirmed that there is a causal relationship between rate of eating and weight gain. She further mentions that she and her team are now testing some different intervention methods that include a program that teaches and encourages women to eat more slowly.
If such intervention methods are deemed effective, they then can be used alongside other non-diet strategies that have been tested for women suffering from obesity. She further said that encouraging women to eat slowly has been quite successful in reducing the risk of weight gain for susceptible women. It has even showed significant success of helping them shed the pounds much more easily.

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Personal Injury Lawsuits: How Long Does it Take to Get Compensation?

People who have been injured in their workplace file lawsuits to get compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress. Reliable personal injury lawyers tell their clients that no two cases are the same. Injuries, sued parties and even facts will be different. It is impossible to make predictions on how long it will take for cases to get resolved. In general, most personal injury cases get settled within two years or less. Complex cases go on for a longer period. This is especially true for medical malpractice cases. Consulting highly experienced lawyers such as Separovic Injury Lawyers will help you understand their complexities.

personal injury lawyers

Understanding the Process

The first few months of a personal injury case is dedicated to diagnosing the claimant’s injury, treatment, and recovery. The lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and compile records, including incident reports, medical records, and insurance papers. The decision on whether to file a lawsuit is made after the case evaluation.

One major factor is the doctor’s diagnosis of the client’s condition and general prognosis. It is important for lawyers and their clients to know the exact type of injuries and the recovery time before deciding on the claim amount. Thorough research is critical especially for clients who may be permanently disabled. As some injuries can be complex and require months of treatment, this could require diagnosis from different doctors. Lawyers should help their clients receive enough compensation for their medical treatments.

Cost of Treatment

Keep in mind that even though diagnosis and treatment of injuries can take a few months or even years, it doesn’t mean that clients cannot claim their personal injury compensation on time. Often, lawyers and even insurance companies offer estimated amounts to cover all costs. Professional underwriters have been known to get involved and help eligible claimants get the necessary funds without going into litigation. This, of course, depends on individual cases. These are offered after thorough evaluation.