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Hearing loss

The Impact of Lifestyle on Your Hearing

Hearing loss Most people automatically dismiss hearing loss as a natural phenomenon that happens as we age. This assumption is true to some extent, but it is a misnomer to attribute hearing loss solely to aging.

Take a closer look at how your ears function and you will realize that the quality of your hearing has something to do with your lifestyle.

Volume Matters

The first thing that establishes a connection between your ears and your lifestyle is the sounds you hear on a regular basis. In theory, you’ll damage your hearing more quickly if you are exposed to loud sounds most of the time. This isn’t only for construction workers who have to use noisy industrial equipment on a daily basis. This applies to everyone, even to those who simply listen to a few songs when bored.

Chears Audiology says a sound that measures over 85 decibels damages your hearing. Normal conversation is at 60 decibels, while power tools often exceed 100 decibels. It’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to sounds that go over this range or to wear earplugs when exposed to such environments.

It’s also important to note that hearing loss isn’t always gradual. A single moment of exposing your ears to an intensely loud sound may be enough to render permanent damage to your hearing. As such, you have to be careful with the noise levels of the environment you are in.

Food and Alcohol Intake

Research suggests that what you consume has an effect on your hearing, too. An editorial piece from the American Academy of Audiology argues that food appears to have an impact on hearing. It cited different studies that established a link between nutrient intake and the likelihood of acquired hearing loss as time passes.

Hear-It.org says high alcohol consumption could lead to hearing loss, too. The large amounts of alcohol damage the central auditory cortex over time. This could potentially result in brain shrinkage. Once that happens, nerve damage and hearing loss are likely to follow.

Evidently, hearing loss isn’t just because of aging. It has a lifestyle factor that we all should be aware of. It is only with lifestyle adjustments that we can truly take care of our ears.


Save More Money: Logistics Cost Optimization

LogisticsThe cost of logistics make up about five to ten percent of the total expenses of a business. This makes it more important to reduce and optimize overhead without increasing the risks. This is possible by combining technology and processes engineered for greater efficiency.

It is imperative to take steps towards a more intelligent logistics plan to save your company money. Here are some helpful strategies for optimizing related costs:

Understanding Operations in Detail

Intelligent and efficient processes are essential to cost-effective operation. This means that you should be focused on looking at operations in detail before redesigning the logistics process. By assessing current practices, you can identify processes where cost leakages occur. A freight audit is beneficial for effective transportation expense management.

Using the Right Technology

While technology can help optimize logistics expenses, simply upgrading computers and software is not enough. It is best to select the right technology that can simplify processes, accelerate exceptional handling, and reduce system complexity. It is important to remember, however, that your business cannot depend on technology or processes alone for improvements that drive savings.

Benefiting from Analytics

For your business to be effective, it is essential to focus on logistics spend analysis, network design analysis, and route selection. There are plenty of tools that can help you do this. Make sure to choose analytics tools based on its ability to determine risks and assess the cost of impact, and the ability to study scenarios that can make processes more effective.

Staying Updated

Keep yourself updated regarding current trends in the transportation industry to maximize company profits. Make sure you understand the different methods of shipping and the trends that affect each mode of transportation. Know the new safety standards that will put restriction on carriers and affect your operations. This is one of the better ways to find solutions or better alternatives.

Understanding how your products get from one destination to another is crucial in optimizing logistics costs. This will help you analyze the process better and address related issues that contribute to unnecessary expenses.

Corporate Building

Insuring Your Business: Why You Should Do It

Corporate BuildingAll the things important to you need protection—your house, your car, and your children, too. What about your business?

Simply put, your business is your baby, and you want it to have a bright future ahead of it. So you do what you can to secure it, whatever means possible.

Is insurance out of the question? No. Just like your children, you are giving your business safe options for the future.

Here’s why:

Prevent Liability Claims

All businesses have assets and they all come with liabilities. Having your business insured assures you that you are only paying for your liabilities and not those being forced on you by external and unjust factors—like the government or even competitors.

Protect your business from possible harm with the help of trusted insurance providers like Gracey-Backer, Inc., and have one that perfectly suits your business and industry needs.

Gather Requirements

In the near future, your baby might need certain documents that only you can provide. By processing them beforehand, you relieve the people you leave your business to of hardship and stress.

Moreover, under varying circumstances and locations, some sectors of society may require you to have coverage before you are able to run your business with them.

Having essential documents at hand will ease legal processes and expedite them at the same time. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Sustain Manpower

Under certain insurance plans, you are able to customize them in a way to keep important people with you, while protecting them and offering them the best coverage you can.

It is inevitable to lose people along the way, but with a personalized business insurance plan, you can cater to your needs and that of the people behind its success.

As a parent, you want to be there every step of the way. You want to be there and see your baby grow—just like wanting to see your business thrive and succeed in ways you could only imagine.

In the event of your loss or departure, having a backup plan to keep your business alive can give you peace of mind.

Good tires

Making the Right Choice: Tyres by Use

Good tiresTyres affect handling, braking, grip and comfort while driving in different road conditions. Understanding the kind of road you will drive on helps you determine the type of tyre you need.

Driving in the City

City driving requires minimal braking distance to keep drivers safe and avoid obstructions on the road. You also need durable tyres to take the frequent start and stop demands of driving in the city. Look for wheels that provide rolling efficiency; a low rolling resistance helps your car use fuel efficiently. Tyre experts, such as Richard’s Tyrepower help you find the right set of wheels for city driving.

Need for Speed

If you want to test the limits of your swanky sports car on or off a racetrack, make sure you get the right set of tyres. Choose a set of wheels that have high grip on dry and wet road conditions. Make sure the tyres also provide you with excellent handling to help you make sharp turns while driving fast. The wheels used for sport driving have aggressive compound and tread patterns, but are not as durable as normal tyres.

No matter how well you choose the tyres, following road safety and regular maintenance helps you avoid accidents while you test the speed limit of your new car.

Off-road Adventure

Are you the adventurous type? Driving an off-road vehicle is the ultimate thrill ride for adventure seekers. All terrain wheels are a good choice for off-road drivers, but if the road is muddy, opt for a mud-specific tyre because they have enormous tread. Do not believe in common off-road driving myths to avoid getting into an accident during your adventure.

Purchasing quality tyres is not enough, you need to buy the right kind to suit the kind of car you use and the road conditions you will drive on. The right set of wheels keeps you and other drivers safe.

Proper Care of Roof

3 Roof Care Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Proper Care of RoofThe roof protects your home and property from unspeakable damage, especially during harsh weather conditions. A small crack or a damaged shingle can cause your entire roof to tear off when a hurricane comes. Harsh rain can erode the materials while harsh heat can make it brittle.

It’s easy to avoid the catastrophe of a leaky or even weak roof. There are 3 essential tips you should keep in mind:

Call the Roofer Today

Don’t wait for an impending natural disaster before calling for Perth roof repairs. Be proactive and have it checked by a professional. They can take care of small problem areas and reinforce the strength of your roof. You don’t need to wait for a major roofing problem, either. The smaller the issue you need to address, the less costly the repair.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You don’t need to be a professional to check for possible problems in your roof. Check if there is proper drainage and there are no leaks, especially with your gutters. Even small holes you’re your home can lead to damage to your property inside the house. The best time to inspect your roof is right before the seasons change. This prepares your roof for whatever the weather might bring.

Clean the Gutters Often

Dirty gutters can cause water and other residue to clog within your roof. This bogs your roofing materials down, making it more susceptible to cracking and damage. Dirty gutters can also serve as a nest or home to rodents and insects that could damage your roof’s structure. Check if your gutter has no leaks that could lead to puddles in your home.

Just as you would plaster over wall cracks, or replace cracked floor tiles, your roof deserves just as much care. Make sure you are covered by a sturdy roof by protecting and maintaining your roof the best way you can.

car maintenance

Road Safety: Properly Maintaining Your Car’s Performance

car maintenanceCars have without a doubt improved the way humans carry out their daily activities. It gives people the ability to travel more comfortably in different places in less time. Because of its importance in today’s society, it is important to ensure that such machines are able to sustain the high-performance they need to keep going.

Keeping a car road worthy

Cars are truly one of the best inventions that mankind has ever come up with. Its impact to the society is unmatched and without its presence, humans will not achieve the level of development they have now. Despite the many benefits, it can also cause damage to properties and even the life of people if such machine does not undergo the necessary maintenance to keep it safe on the road.

Keeping your car’s wheels aligned

Your car will not move if it was not for its wheels, which is why it is important to ensure that they are in good condition. One of the things to consider when having your car’s wheels fixed is its alignment. Your car’s handling depends on the alignment of its wheels and you know whether it needs fixing by easily assessing if your car is experiencing the following:

• Uneven tread wear

• Pulling to the left or right

• your steering wheel is not centered

• Vibration in the steering wheel

Regularly checking your engine oil and water levels

Your car’s engine oil has various purposes. It serves as a lubricant, which keeps each moving part from being stuck. It also helps the engine cool down and prevents rust from forming. You can easily check your engine oil is still enough by simply pulling the oil dipstick. With modern cars, you only need to check once a month.

Checking your coolant system regularly will help prevent your car’s engine from overheating. It is important to ensure that engine is cold first because the pressure caused by the steam can spray out hot water.

Maintaining your car properly will not only ensure it performs well, but will also prevent it from breaking down, which can be expensive.

Celebrities Who Used Botox

Secrets Revealed: 3 Female Celebrities Who Used Botox

Celebrities Who Used BotoxBotox and dermal fillers give countless people an instant fix without the need for surgery. Many celebrities apparently had these procedures, but only a few actually admitted to it. Get to know three celebrities who revealed they used Botox for various reasons.

Dannii Minogue

Showing off her youthful beauty in a magazine, Dannii Minogue admitted that she had Botox. However, the X-Factor judge clarified that the job was not a recent one.

The artist, now in her 40s, said that roughly half a decade ago, some people referred to her as looking “unnatural” because of the procedure. She stated that her skin never felt that way, although she didn’t choose to get any more Botox injections.

Kim Zolciak

Known for her luxurious lifestyle and beauty, Kim Zolciak is among the few celebrities who have been open about Botox. The Face Aesthetic Clinic says Botox reduces under eye wrinkles and frown lines. However, Zolciak pointed out in an interview that she believes Botox also helps with migraines.

She also commented that there’s nothing bad about the procedure, revealing that all of her friends had Botox in one episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, which leads to speculations that she had some jobs done on her face. In an interview, the Shakespeare in Love star finally admitted to using Botox in the past. While she says Botox is not an option anymore and all surgical procedures scare her, she is open to undergoing procedures designed to maintain her looks.

Botox and dermal fillers are among the many solutions used to solve problems brought by ageing. If you’re hesitant about undergoing these procedures, keep this in mind: there is virtually no risk involved as long as a licensed professional does the job.

aircon repair

Four Signs that You Need AC Repairs

aircon repairOne of the reasons most of Sydney’s inhabitants have air conditioner is the extreme heat. The warm weather may be perfect for outdoor activities, but some nights can be a bit too humid. This is also the reason air conditioner repairs are common in Sydney.

Service providers like Apex Airconditioning make AC maintenance less of a chore, but you still need to take care of your unit for maximum satisfaction and comfort. Better yet, you must know when something needs a bit of fixing.

Here are the signs that you may need AC repairs:

  1. Noise

Noise can indicate the repair that you will need for your AC unit. For example, if you hear a squealing sound when your air conditioner is running, the drive belt might be loose or too tight. A buzzing noise may indicate an overcharged system. If you hear banging sounds, the problem might be loose bolts.

  1. Inconsistent air

An air conditioner should provide equal amounts of air across the room, granted that there’s no problem with the installation and maintenance of the cooling system. If a particular area in your home is receiving more air than the other area, there is something wrong with the system. The air filter or coils might be dirty. This can indicate that something is blocking the airflow, as well. To avoid damaging the unit, you need to have the system checked.

  1. Water pooling below the AC

Air conditioning systems normally produce water from the unit due to condensation. Too much water may mean the removal tube is broken, or the condensation pump needs replacing. If something is up with your cooling system, call your local AC service for the appropriate maintenance solutions.

  1. Fluctuating electric bill

One sign that you need immediate AC repair is your escalating electric bills. This indicates that the ducts might have holes, or the system is not operating as it should be. An AC unit should consume a steady amount of energy; if your electricity bill is still too steep, it might be the best time to switch to a new system.

When it comes to maintaining your AC units, you need to act fast. Don’t wait for your unit to breakdown and cause discomfort when Sydney’s hot summer days hit.

Three New Events and Attractions to Visit in Sentosa

singapore yacht showIt’s always the same. When you search for attractions in Sentosa, you’ll find the same, familiar results from travel blogs and websites. While many are completely fine with the familiar, some prefer fresh and new options for their holidays.

If you are among those looking for a new adventure to experience, these three suggestions will surely catch your interest:

Singapore Yacht Show

See the latest luxurious yachts in action at the Singapore Yacht Show. It features the best yacht builders known for their top-calibre naval fleets. The event takes place at the ONE 15 Marina Club located in Sentosa Cove. Seeing this show will be a once in a lifetime experience. Moreover, ONE 15 has other attractions that you may want to explore.

New Night Show

One of the most visited events in Sentosa is its night show. The latest show features Wings of Time, which replaced the previous spectacle Songs of the Sea. The night show includes fireworks display, grand water effects and artistic light projections. There are also special effects to make the experience magical and memorable. The best thing about this is you can get discounted admission fees from Sentosa Online Store and other tour providers.

KidZania Singapore

KidZania is an educational activity centre for the whole family. According to reports, this Sentosa establishment is going to be the brand’s first standalone centre in the country. The site is large enough to accommodate more than a thousand guests. There are only eight KidZania centres in the world, including the one in Singapore. The operators of this centre expect more than half a million visitors annually once it opens to the public.

Exploring Sentosa’s attractions through these events and tourist sites will be a great experience for everyone. Bring your family or friends to this Southeast Asian paradise—you won’t regret it, even if you prefer the up-and-coming to the classics.


Bugs: Getting Rid of the Enemies that Hide Under Your Bed

pestYour bedroom is supposed to be your place of relaxation. But what happens if there are bed bugs that hide under your bed? You’ll be covered in rashes and you’ll experience moments of itch.

Don’t worry though. You can completely get rid of those pesky bed bugs infesting your home by letting the pest control service to deal with them. But if you can’t afford to call for help right away, try the following bed bug extermination strategies:

1. Wash your bed sheet, blanket, pillow cases and curtains.

Is it time to be doing the laundry when bed bugs are trying to invade your place? Well, yes. But you have to wash your bedroom cloth items using hot water. Bed bugs and their eggs die when exposed to heat. Dry your cloth items clean. For items that cannot be laundered, wrap the items inside a plastic bag and de-infest them by exposing them under the scorching heat of the sun.

2. Remove your bedroom’s clutter.

Though bed bugs are called bed bugs, they do not exclusively thrive under your bed or mattress, says experts in pest control. Kansas City homes may also find them hiding inside closets, behind picture frames hanged on the wall, or even between old pile of boxes and books. It’s time to give your bedroom a major clean-up or else you’re giving the bed bugs more opportunity to hide.

3. Spray your bedroom with insecticide.

Bed bugs are tough little creatures. They won’t go away if you only clean your room. There is really a need for you to apply chemical treatment such as spraying your bedroom with insecticide. This way, you will kill the remaining bed bugs that escaped from your intensive room cleaning.
However, since dealing with insecticides poses a major risk to your health, it is safer to wait for the pest control company and deliver the final blow.